About [furryclan]


[furryclan] was started in March 2001 as a SWAT3 clan by players who had become disillusioned with the status quo. At that time, as now, it seemed that nearly every SWAT3 clan in existence had a preoccupation with things such as Rank, Allies, Enemies and Tryouts. For the founders of [furryclan], this all seemed very immature and unnecessary.

They sought to enjoy their online experience in a co-operative, team-based environment, and SWAT 3 was the perfect vehicle. The game had stated rules of engagement that rewarded smart, tactical play and penalised those who opted for the "shoot 'em up" style that was so typical among many players.

Within a few short months, the team grew to include members from around the globe. This growth happened slowly and deliberately as new members were headhunted for their skill in co-operative play and their friendly personalities. As the team expanded, it came to include those with real life experience in the military, law enforcement, and computer programming. This led to the proliferation of mods, missions, and tactics authored by members of [furryclan]. Soon, both the [furryclan] style of gameplay and the [furryclan] mods became widely known in the SWAT3 community.

As the reign of SWAT3 as a tactical simulator began to wane, [furryclan] branched out to other games such as Operation Flashpoint, Ghost Recon and others. Yet the style remains the same: co-operative, team-based online gaming.

[furryclan] are a loyal, friendly and outgoing crew and we welcome nearly any player into our games. However, immature players are encouraged to go elsewhere as [furryclan] does not condone nor tolerate "teamkilling," spamming, flooding, stupidity or other mindless pastimes and we often converse at an "adult" level.

The clan is governed by two simple rules. Visitors are asked to please read before asking questions, as the answers are typically available on this site.